Our Story

The old French word Manouche means nomad, a gypsy. True to its name, Manouche is a globally-inspired clothing shop for modern, free spirited women.  

Wander about the shop of artfully displayed possibilities, each like a sensory-rich itinerary of an imagined romantic journey.  Lightly feel the finely woven fabrics, supple leathers, sultry silks, embroidered patterns and hand crafted accessories is to travel the world by touch.

Discover pieces made by independent artisans from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  Manouche crafts distinctive wardrobes reflective of a woman’s own life journey and ever evolving personal style.

Adorn yourself with sure to become treasures.  Pieces from Manouche transcend trend, stay in timeless style and last as long as you love wearing them.

Just as travel forever nourishes the gypsies’ soul, so Manouche beauty sustains you.