NYC Designer Market

February’s finally here!  Soon I’ll be off to NYC to meet with vendors and designers in search of pieces that will compose the perfect Fall/Winter 2018 collection.  Next month our selections from this past September’s excursion to NYC’s Designer’s Market will arrive at Manouche.

NYC Designer’s Market

I refer to this collaboration of designers and vendors as the Designer’s Market because the experience is similar to visiting a farmer’s market.  While farmers participate in the farm-to-table movement, our movement focuses on the journey from designer-to-closet.  Designers with similar manufacturing practices and values frequently present their lines on the heels of fashion week in a co-op space.

It Begins at The Market

A stop at the Designer’s Market signals the start of a designer-to-closet cycle at Manouche.  During this time designers present what they’ve been working on, gauge buyer interest and determine the production quantities for each item.  For the Manouche team, it’s a great time to reconnect with the creators of the lines we carry and place our orders for future seasons.

How It’s Made Helps Us Edit

In order to be considered for selections, vendors must be able to tell us where and how their products are made.  The designers we carry either own their own factory and employ their own workers or have a consistent and frequent on-site presence during the manufacturing process.  This strict editing criteria creates transparency and encourages kinder practices.

Superior Quality Takes Time

Great relationships develop over time.  Many of the designers we carry have worked with us for well over a decade.  Over the years I’ve observed the longevity of each brand and its quality.  Clients who’ve shopped with me over the years frequently comment on how much they still love a piece they purchased years ago.

Superior Quality in Smaller Quantities

The designers we work with prefer to create smaller lines with higher quality.  Designers avoid outsourcing production to a third party by limiting the quantity of pieces made.  They’re then able to ensure first hand that expectations are met and the finished product reflects the effort invested.

When Time Is Of The Essence

Great designs take time to develop but they don’t spend much time in our shop.  If it’s love at first sight I encourage you to catch it while you can – it might not be here the next time.  Girl on a budget?  Don’t worry!  Put your love on layaway so it doesn’t go home with someone else.

Spring selections are now arriving!  I hope you’re able to stop in soon!


Kim and The Manouche Team




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