Less Is More

At Manouche our retail space reflects our philosophy.  Over the years we’ve observed that an over-abundance of a “good thing” isn’t always good.  When designing our retail space we embraced the Less Is More approach.

Less Stuff.  More Joy.

Imaging walking into your closet and everything you see brings you joy.  This is how we approach our editing process.  We don’t view wearables as a commodity.  The designers we work with create on a more intimate scale in order to provide higher quality and kinder manufacturing practices.

Less is More… To Adore!

When you enter Manouche you aren’t bombarded by a retail model that overstimulates the senses and pushes consumption.  Instead, you experience a relaxed, intentional pace.  You’re also able to notice more because there isn’t an excessive amount of product vying for your attention.  Sweet little details can get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a sweet little detail on a sunny day.

The Myth of More

A prevailing belief in our culture is that the more we have the happier we’ll be.  We don’t agree.  Lately it feels like less is more is radical and counter-cultural.

Our experience suggests that less is more because it makes room – in your closet and in your life.  Instead of purchasing for the sake of consumption, intentional choices help cultivate a simpler, less stressful lifestyle.

The Beauty of Less

A beautiful side-effect of intent is the space it creates in your life for time doing the things you love.  Imagine having time everyday for peace and joy.  That’s our wish for you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

-Kim and the Manouche Team


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